Mix and Mingle album

View of front side

close up of page 1&2

Close up of page 3 &4

Back side showing backwards pages 4,3,2,1

Back side of page 4 & 3

Back side 2 & 1

completed project standing for display

Mix and Mingle workshop

Items you will need:    Files, Rub & Erase, Adhesive, Mistletoe level two paper pack, Pearl Opaques, ½ of a mix and mingle album, New England Stamp pad, sponge and Snow Days stamp set.

Cutting instructions:

            Diamond Swirl Print (B&T)                             Music (B&T)               

                        2 – 3 x 4 (C)                                                     2 – 4 x 4 (E)

                        2 – 3 x 3 (D)

            Stripes (B&T)                                                   New England (CS)

                        2 – 1 ½ x 4 (A)                                                  2 – 3 ¼ x 3 ¼ (F)

                        2 – 4 x 4 (B)                                                     2 – ½ x 4 scallop cut (G)

            Cranberry (CS)                                                            Holly (B&T)

                        1 – 3 x 3 (H)                                                    cut two out

                        Scrap to cover letter

            Colonial (CS)

                        3 ¼ square (I), stamp with snow scene and sleigh.  With scrap of colonial stamp two trees and cut out. 

To assemble:  use Rub & Erase to remove the film from both sides of album pieces. The scallop cut pages only have ring holders on one side make sure you plan accordingly.   Page one attach (A) to left side and (C) to right.  Cover seam with (G) after you have done the scallop cut.  Use scrap of Cranberry to cover your letter.  I added the smallest pearl opaques to decorate letter and medium size to go down scalloped piece. 

*Use file to trim edges then sponge with ink for finish affect.  You will do this on all pages. I recommend taping edges real good and not brushing with ink till both sides of album are complete.

Page 2, cover with (E) add (H) to mat your photo.  Use cut out trees at bottom right corner.

Page 3 Center (F) on this page and layer (D) onto it.  Then stamp snow scene with sleigh on (I) and trim top  side only brush edges with ink and attach o bottom of (F).  I used two larger pearls at top left corner for décor.

Page 4 Decorate same as one only in reverse and use a 2 x 3 photo instead of letter.

 Back side of page 1 is just covered with (B) back side of Page 2 is same as front only with darker side revealed.  Back side of 3 is same as front only not snow scene and back side of page 4 is again just covered with (B).  Attach rings and display!

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