Many of you have purchased the Magic book but few of you have reserved your spot for the class being offered this Thursday. 

No cost for the workshop to those who purchase the magic book. 

Looking forward to seeing you there.

All you need is to bring your book and the papers you want to use to make these great

 interactive layouts.  


Above you see the full layout If you already have your Magic book this is taken from pages 50 – 53 Spellbound you will need (3) 3 x 3 photos and (4) 5 ½ x 4 verticals.   In addition to your layout you will need a button and thread that will match the paper packet .

This is the interactive area….

As you can see a third picture slides in and out for a fun interactive layout.


Pages 62-65  On with the Show you will need (1) 4×6 vertical, (2) 4×6 horizontal and one wallet photo 2 ½ x 3 only 2 ½ x 2 ½ will be viewable.   I decorated this is the one using the little rascal, my nephew Matt.  Remember any theme and bring your own paper.

This is the interactive area


The journaling pops out to one side while a small wallet photo pops out on the other.  Great fun. 

Remember to bring photos to be able to complete these projects

Call now to make sure we have room …..

 Two sessions one is 10-2 Thursday and  6-10 Thursday night.

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