June Stamp of the month Blog Hop “A Flowering Bunch”

Welcome to the Blog Hop for Junes SOM “A Flowering Bunch”.

 If you arrived here via Jen Patrick’s Blog you are on the right track. 

The Card I am making is called the Cascading Card.  Not sure who created this originally but it was shared with me at stamp camp by Alona Peters.  Thanks for being willing to share Alona!

Feel free to check out the detailed instructions or hop on over to

Wendy Coffman’s Blog  and see yet another great idea!

Cascading Card instructions:

1.  Cut White Daisy CS @ 8 x 12

2.  Score across long end at 2,4,8,and 10 (lightly mark 6 for guide)

3.  Mark short sides at 2 ½ on one side and 5 ½ on the other

4.  Place on cutter, and cut diagonally at the tick marks at 5 1/2and 2 ½ , you will have two pieces like  this

Place these opposite of each other like this

5.  on short ends place a tick mark at 2 ¾ on longer end and 1 ¼ on shorter end.  You will do this to both sheets.  With a ruler and pencil mark where these two points intersect the 2” score and the 10” score you will also want to mark slightly at 6”.  ( I used marker so you could see, you will want to use pencil.)  do this on both sheets but flipped out as shown above in step four.

6.  You are going to cut up or down on to the marks you just made in step 5.  Left side you will cut up and right side you will cut down

Up on left side

Down on right

Stamp if desired and or cut B&T

6a cut B&T at 7 ½ x 11, mark one side at 5 ¼ and the other at 2 ¼ cut at angle like you did before.  I then attached this B&T to my base and re-cut to match slits done on base.  Our two sided B&T is perfect for this project.


7.  Fold on score lines (not center guide). 

8.  Put two pieces together

9.  Decorate with a sentiment and accents

Now hop on over to Wendy’s Blog


7 Responses to “June Stamp of the month Blog Hop “A Flowering Bunch””

  1. Susan B says:

    The ladder card is a great choice! Very nice card. TFS!

  2. Krista Hershberger says:

    Wow–great job! Thanks for the tutorial! 🙂

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Really cute card!!

  4. Karen Fullam says:

    Great cascading card! love the colors!

  5. Haley D. says:

    What a fun fold! Such a pretty card!

  6. Dawn Ross says:

    Very nice job! The cascading cards are so cool!

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