Scrapbook Layouts for August “Magical”

Love these layouts that were designed by my good friend Tina Lovell

Magical Layout 1

I added the black overlays along with some flip flaps


for this layout you need one 4 x 6 Horizontal and three 3 x 4 Horizontal on page 1 and on page 2  you have two 4 x 6 vertical and three more 3 x 4 horizontal.  I then  trimmed each photo slightly for the reveal of the mat.  mine are 1/4 smaller you can do it however  you prefer.

Layout two

magical layout 2



My photos are a bit blurry and I need a couple more to finish it out.  I cut my zip strips on page two of this layout a 1/2 larger and taped on the back so I could slide photos under at later time. I used a 4 x 6 on page one and on page two of this layout I used three 3 x 3 photos sq.  and three 3 x 5 trimmed slightly.

Our third layout

Magical Layout 3


I love this paper and used it to celebrate the memories of CTMH convention this year.  These layouts allow you to add so many fun photos and by adding flip flaps you can add in even more.  Page one has three 4 x 6 one vertical and two horizontal.  page two is made up o 3 x 3 photos.  you can do eight or more  with the flip flaps.

Hope you enjoy these layouts.  Contact me if you would like to join in to create these and other fun layouts as part of our monthly scrapbooking clubs.



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